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Knee Massage

How to Give Knee Massage?

The technique in giving a Knee Massage depends on the condition of the knee. This means that before giving a massage, you should know first if the person is experiencing pain on the knee. However, if you will employ massage make sure to do it correctly.

Knee massage can be employed for sports injuries by employing the circular frictions. Moreover, there are different ways of applying knee massage depending on the condition.

Knee Massage after Surgery

Knee massage after surgery offers benefits to post-surgery patients. Massage therapy can reduce contractures and relax the muscles. The surgery can reduce flexibility and may cause enormous swelling.

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It is important to give massage therapy to the joints and incision site. However, make sure that the intensity and pressure of the massage should be light. Thus, post-operative knee massage can help in reducing the redness, swelling and pain.

In addition, therapeutic massage is proven to be a fantastic help in solving post-surgery issues. In fact, there are people who underwent knee surgery suffering chronic pain due to untreated contractures, scar tissues and muscle adhesions. In this case, the range of motion is also reduced.

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How to Give Knee Massage after Surgery Video

Knee Massage for Arthritis

Knee arthritis is an illness that can bring life to halt. However, experts believed that massage therapies and exercise can help a person out of it. Knee massage for arthritis can reduce joint inflammations, pain and stiffness effectively. Likewise, massage therapy can also increase the blood circulation at the knee joints and the same time, repair the deteriorating cartilages. In the same manner, massage can enhance the sensory stimuli to counter the pain stimuli.

By employing knee massage, the flexibility of the joints is improved, and it enhances the range of motion and other activity. Massage therapy is very effective for arthritis since the process applies vibration or pressure to the body tissues including muscles, tendons, cartilages and many others. Although some researchers are skeptical about the effect of massage therapy, still enough evidence supports that massaging helps in decreasing knee joint pains.

Examination of the Arthritic Knee

Knee Massage for Knee Pain

The knees are responsible in carrying a lot of weight. That is why it commonly suffers pain especially when the knee joints are damaged. Knee pain can make doing activity very difficult. However, knee pain also emanates from the tissue and muscles surrounding the knee. Fortunately, knee massage for knee pain can be employed to relieve the discomfort. Petrissage is the ideal massage technique that can be used in addressing knee pain.

This technique is manifested by rolling, squeezing, wringing and picking up. However, if you do well at kneading dough, then you can easily do it. Another technique is the deep friction massage in which you will utilize the tips of your middle fingers in massaging the muscle outside the knee. You can also massage below the knee and the way down through the inner leg. Carry on the deep friction massage at the back of the knee that ends up in encircling the knee.

Deep Friction Massage Technique

Knee Massage to Reduce Swelling

According to medical researchers, knee joint disorders start with pain and may worsen due to movement. Due to the increased friction, the knee joint becomes hot that results to knee swelling. In this case, the person will experience pain that requires immediate medical intervention such as taking pain relievers. The main purpose of employing knee massage is to reduce the swelling, and to even the fluid absorption in order to relieve the tension. Effleurage is a massage technique that can be employed to reduce swelling. The massage is not applied directly to the inflamed joint. However, it is important to observe if the swelling persists, then the massage therapy should be suspended.

Natural Remedy to Reduce Swelling

Knee Massage after TRK

The recovery process after the knee replacement surgery will take a long time. Inflexibility and pain remain for months, while returning to the normal functioning state can be difficult. Knee replacement would mean difficulty in regaining the normal function of the knee. However, knee massage after TRK should be performed by a professional to ensure that the applied pressure on the affected knee is controlled.

Moreover, massage therapy is a method that helps in promoting the healing process. However, it focuses not only in pain management but also in releasing muscle tension as well as in restoring joint mobility. Other types of massage that can be used in managing pain include acupressure, Swedish massage and rolfing.

Indeed, massage therapy is considered as a gentle and holistic method of pain management ideal for musculoskeletal injuries. Aside from massage therapy, physical therapy is also good in managing pain on the knee. The difference between these two is that physical therapy addresses in providing joint stability, increasing muscle strength and mobility as well as improves range of motion.

On the other hand, giving self-care can also help in achieving healthy knees. The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure having the right weight. In this way, too much pressure on the knee will be avoided. In case of pain, you can use massage lotions that contain ingredients good for relieving the pain.

Indeed, the knee is the largest joint of the body that is frequently injured. Therefore, as much as possible injury should be avoided because even a slight pain the knee can be debilitating that may affect the quality of life. That is why as soon as you notice pain or any abnormalities on your knee you should consult your health care provider immediately. In this way, you will be advised about the right therapy or treatment that can help in alleviating the pain and other discomforts.

Keep in mind that leaving knee problem unattended may cause more serious problem. That is why aside from giving self-care and protecting your knee from injury, you should also know the things that triggers other illnesses related to the joint such as arthritis. Obviously, as a person aged, the joints may also experience wear and tear. Thus, it is essential to resolve the problem the soonest possible time.

Scar Tissue Massage after Knee Surgery

It is a wonder what people think seconds before they get into an accident. Some can account what they were thinking while others cannot. The constant reminders of what transpired are the scar tissues that may or may not permanently appear on the skin.

The same scar may also appear after a knee surgery. The good thing is that there are many ways how these scars can be removed or at least remodeled. One way is to perform a scar tissue massage. It is also known as scar mobilization, which is a technique used by physical therapists in healing a scar tissue.

There are different scar massage techniques that can be used in remodeling a scar tissue after a knee surgery. Among the most popular and effective are:

Cross friction massage

This is a strategic massage that makes use of one of two fingers. The massage movement is perpendicular to the line of the scar tissue which allows the collagen fibers to align properly. This style of scar tissue massage after knee surgery is alternately called transverse friction massage.

Myofascial release (MFR)

Managing scar tissue is easy with MFR. It is a slow massage with relevantly low force around the scar tissue.


In most cases, scar tissue massage after knee surgery is applied together with stretching activities. This elongates the scar tissue, allowing it to be remodeled.

Aside from scar tissue massage, there are other means of totally removing the scars left off by injuries and surgeries. One of the most known is the application of scar cream and scar gel products. There are so many creams and gels that help heal injury or surgery scar tissues in a matter of days. They are safe and effective and most of these products do not require the prescription of doctors or physical therapists.

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