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Knee Strengthening Exercises for Women

These are some of knee strengthening exercises which are very important to strengthen your knees:

First knee exercise

Inclining your back touching a wall. While you are in the said position your knees should also be bended at an angle of 90 degrees sliding downward, then again straighten up. Do it smoothly and little by little. Your legs and feet should sustain always be parallel and do it for 5 up to 10 times.

Second knee exercise

Raising your leg while slightly bent. You are going to sit on a chair, then put one of your leg in a straight position. Hold your position for about a minute. Next, is to bend the knee lowering the leg to the floor. Hold it again for at least 30 seconds. Then repeat the first and the second position for at least 4 times for each leg.

Thirth knee exercise

Raising your leg in a straight position. You are going to sit on a chair while your foot is on its rest position. Lift one foot upward far from the chair while maintaining the straight position of your leg. Hold it for at least 5 up to 10 seconds. Repeat the same position 5 up to 10 times for both legs.

Fourth knee exercise

Raising your body’s abductor. Lying on the floor while propping up one of your elbow. The leg which is positioned on the floor should be bent. Little by little move up the top leg and then lower. Hold the position for at least 5 until 10 seconds. Do it again alternately for both legs for 12 to 15 times.

Fifth knee exercise

Curling hamstring of your body. Stand straight with the thighs of your body touching the wall. Bend one of your knees you are comfortable with. Hold it for at least 5 up to 10 minutes then slowly put it down. Do it for both legs for at least 12 to 15 times.

Sixth knee exercise

Exercising using a stationary bike. It is considered to be one of the best ways to strengthen your knee. Underneath the pedal stroke of the bike, you are going to bends your knees at an angle of 15 degrees. Then start biking little by little up to the point that you can already execute faster and faster. Start for at least 10 minutes and then after several times you can already increase your time biking.